African Olam Group Purchase Cassva Peeling Machine From TAGRM To Gabon

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In 2017.7, Olam Group (, the largest agricultural group in Africa, purchased 8 small cassava peeling machines in our company and  we sent them to the Republic of Gabon by air. Olam Group was founded in 1989 in Federal Republic of Nigeria, as a truly global supply chain manager of agricultural raw materials and food ingredients, is the market for agricultural products in Africa the highest share of the group, from one country, 1989 products grew to 18 platforms in 70 countries today. Olam Group has many offices and branches at home and abroad.

Olam Group  select  cassava peeling machine of our company is to our quality, product quality and sales service also marks the great recognition, our company has embarked on a broader platform, enough to meet the large company strict requirements for mechanical products.

TAGRM LIMITED is a leading manufacturer and specialist of export agricultural machinery with a long history, famous for sugarcane harvesters & planters, compost turners, and cassava harvesters & planters. Our company adopts advanced management system and has strong technical power as well. We unite three national research institutes which have over 30 years' experience in agricultural machinery industry. We always maintain leading science and technology, and keep up with the international advanced level and standards, especially keeping ahead in sugarcane and cassava production industry and support agricultural mechanization.Mainly engaged in cassava, sugarcane, rice and a series of machinery, including cassava harvester, planting machine, peeling machine, slicing machine, drying machine, sugarcane planter, harvester, class and peeling machine, rice harvester etc.. Cassava machinery, hot cassava cultivation areas, many countries in Africa and Indonesia, Kampuchea and Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Export to the Republic of Gabon cassava peeling machine to take the form of air exports, we use box packaging, to ensure the safety of goods without damage.

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